Product information

Introducing our high-quality Square Fibre Drums! Our drums are made of 280 grams kraft paper and come in a diameter of 37cm with a height of 60cm, providing a volume of 75L. What’s more, they are completely sealed particles, ensuring your products are safe and secure during transportation. With a square shape, our drums save you 30% of the packaging volume compared to traditional round paper barrels, which means you can save on transportation costs.

Our Square Fibre Drums are perfect for powder, granular, flake food additives, spices, dehydrated vegetables, and chemicals. And the best part? They’re completely recyclable, making them an eco-friendly packaging option. Don’t hesitate, contact us today to learn more about our Square Fibre Drums and get a quote for your needs.

Item square  fibre drums
Material 280 grams kraft paper
Diameter 37cm
 Height 60cm
 Volume 75L
Max  Volume 75L
Common size 37*20-23L  37*30-36L

37*40-49L 37*50-62L

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-All materials are kraft paper,

-which saves 30% of the loading space compared with traditional round paper barrels,

-thus reducing the transportation cost.

-A pallet has just 9 pieces per layer, matching the container size.


Main features

  • sealed particles made of high quality Kraft paper square fiber drum
  • The drum allows for easy disposal and is completely recyclable
  • Save 30% packaging volume
  • Can be used for powder, granular, flake food additives, spices
    Packaging of spices, dehydrated vegetables and chemicals
  • The thickness of the fiber drum is 0.3cm, and the edges are neat.
  •  -Wear-resistant, compression-resistant, with a maximum load of 50kg.
  • -40 °C ≤ temperature ≤ 180 °C
  •  -The product is made of high quality Kraft paper with a sealing mouth up to 10cm,

      -sealed and moisture-proof.