Product information

CH Environmentally friendly packaging dia 360mm 25kgs all paper drum fiber drum Item  All fibre drums
Material 280 grams kraft paper
Diameter 31cm-41cm
 Height 30cm-65cm
 Volume 19L-78L
gallon 5gal-20gal
Common size  Customized silk-screen logo of various sizes used for packaging chemical packaging crate&barrel 31*30-19L(6gal) 33*40-30L(8gal)

36*40-40L( 10.5gal)


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Main features

Customized silk-screen logo of various used for packaging crate&barrel.
Manufactured completely from fibreboard

with no metal or plastic components

the All Fibre Drum is our most economical

and environmentally friendly packaging solution.

The drum allows for easy disposal and is completely recyclable

Small drums can be put in the big one to save the feright charge

Uses: powdered, granular, flaky food additives, flavors and fragrances, dehydrated vegetables, Chemicals

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