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Introducing our 36L brown kraft paper fiber drum – a cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative to steel drums. With a straight mouth design, it’s easy to take out colloid and replace traditional steel drums. Made of 280 grams kraft paper, this fiber drum is both recyclable and eco-friendly. Our barrel bottom curling design makes it lightweight and low-priced, while the monochrome screen printing or custom color printing adds a personal touch. The drum cover’s thickness is 1.5cm, making it sturdy enough to protect your products. Try our fiber drum now and save 60% on packaging costs! Contact us for a quote.

  Item Fiber drums
Material 280 grams kraft paper
Outer diameter 29.1cm
volume 36L
Height 60cm
Common size 34L-36L
Common printin Barrel bottom curling design, light weight and low price. monochrome screem printing or custom color pringing The thickness of drum cover is 1.5cm
Special description Page quotation,for reference lnly,contact us for good news

Detail display

— Barrel bottom cruling design,light weight and low price.

–The thickmess of drum cover is 1.5cm.

–The outer diameter is 28.3cm and 29.1cm.

—Replaceement packaging of steel drums,save 60% of packaging cost.

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