. No metal or plastic components

. Made entirely from kraft paper and fiberboard

. Easy to handle and recycle

. Various models and sizes


Product information

12 55L manufacturer direct selling recycled kraft paper all fiber drum Item  All fibre drums
Material 280 grams kraft paper
Diameter 36cm
 Height 30cm-60cm
 Volume 55L
Max  Volume 55L
Common size  Customized paper packing barrel 5-55 gallon drum Essence Spice gallon drum 36*35-31L  36*40-35L

36*45-40L 36*50-45L

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Main features

  • Customized paper packing barrel 5-15 gallon drum Spice gallon drum
  • Manufactured completely from fibreboard
  • with no metal or plastic components
  • the All Fibre Drum is our most economical and environmentally friendly packaging solution.
  • The drum allows for easy disposal and is completely recyclable
  • Small drums can be put in the big one to save the feright charge
  • Uses: powdered, granular, flaky food additives, flavors  and fragrances, dehydrated vegetables,   Chemical



Diameter 31cm,33cm,36cm,38cm,41cm

height: 30cm-60cm

Max volume: 19L-71L