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Tag: Triacetin

Glycerol triacetate Use Dosage and medicinal instructions

Glycerol triacetate(Triacetin) This product is mainly used in the pharmaceutical solvent, plasticizer and moisturizer. This product is also used in food and spice industry, respectively, for the solution and solid fragrance. This product also has antibacterial effect, but also for the local anti-fungal agents. Vitamin A propionate injection Vitamin A propionate 20 ~ 30%, Tween -804 ~ 6%, BHT amount, glycerol triacetate added to 100%, often made of injection that is. This prescription is also applicable to VE acetate, VD,…

What is Triacetin(Glycerol triacetate)?

Triacetin(Glycerol triacetate) also known as glyceryl triacetate, is pharmaceutical excipient used in manufacturing of capsules and tablets, and has been used as a humectant, plasticizer, and solvent. It is a liquid, and has been approved by the FDA as a food additive. Triacetin is a water-soluble short-chain triglyceride that may also have a role as a parenteral nutrient according to animal studies.It is also used in the perfume and cosmetic industries. Uses It is an artificial chemical compound, commonly used…