Ruistars Industrial Co., Limited manufactures and exports the product as below:

Product Name: Propylene Carbonate
Origin: China
Molecular Formula: C4H6O3
CAS No.: 108-32-7

Application:PC is a good polarity solvent, mainly used in electronic industry, macromolecular industry, chemical industry,textile, printing and dyeing and other industrial fields.

Propylene Carbonate

1)This product is polar solvent, used as plasticizer, spinning solvent, water-soluble dye and dispersant for plastics. It can also be used as an oily solvent and an extraction agent for olefins and aromatics;
2)As a solvent for synthetic fibers and other polymers, as an extractant, plasticizer, etc;
3)As a highly efficient solvent, used to remove carbon dioxide from liquefied petroleum gas, petroleum pyrolysis gas, oilfield gas and synthetic ammonia raw gas, it can also be used as plasticizer, spinning solvent or water-soluble dye, pigment dispersant, oily solvent and olefin and aromatic extraction agent.

Ruistars Industrial Co., Limited manufactures and exports the product as below:

Product Name Propylene Carbonate EINECS 203-572-1
CAS No. 108-32-7 Density 1.204
Grade Standard Medicine Grade, Reagent Grade Melting Point -49ºC
Formula C4H6O3 Boiling Point 240-243ºC
Refractive Index 1.42-1.422 Flash Point 123ºC
Stability Incompatible with strong oxidizing agents, acids, bases, reducing agents. Protect from contact with moist air or water. Appearance colourless liquid
Storage Condition Store in a cool, dry place. Store in a tightly closed container. Store protected from moisture. Vapor Pressure 0mmHg at 25°C

Specification: 99.0% min and 99.5% min

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1) Electronic Industry: Propylene Carbonate can be used as good dielectric in high energy cells and condensers.
2) Macromolecule Industry: Propylene Carbonate can be used as solvent and plasticizer for polymers.
3) Chemical Industry: Propylene Carbonate can be used as the main material to compound Dimethyl Carbonate, and widely used in the removal of CO2 and H2S from natural gas, petroleum cracking gas.
4) Other fields: Propylene Carbonate can also be used in textile and printing & dyeing industry.

Propylene Carbonate PC can be used as a medium of lithium cell in battery industry.
Propylene Carbonate PC can be widely used as a solvent for taking off decarbonation in petrogas, oil filed gas, petroleum pyrolysis gas as well as feed gas of synthetic ammonia.
Propylene Carbonate PC also can be used as a fixation and aids of synthetic fiber; and as a solvent of polymer in macromolecule industry.

Packing: Packed in iron drums or according to the clients’ requirement

Storage and transportation: Propylene Carbonate is combustible. If coming into contact with oxidization it will burn. It should be stored in a cool and windy special warehouse far from fire and transported as a combustible chemical product.