CAS NO.: 131-17-9
CHEMICAL NAME: Diallyl Phthalate

PROPERTY: Diallyl phthalate(DAP) is a colorless or light yellow transparent liquid. Each molecule contains two allyloxy groups, it is stable at room temperature, but if under heating and adding some initiator, it will be very reactive, and can be made into many new materials with special usage.

Sodium Dichloroisocyanurate

Product Categories: solvent;C12 to C63;Carbonyl Compounds;Esters;Alpha Sort;Analytical Standards;AromaticsVolatiles/ Semivolatiles;Chemical Class;D;DAlphabetic;DIA – DICAnalytical Standards;EstersAnalytical Standards;Plasticizers;ester series


Product Name: Diallyl phthalate Synonyms: The phthalateesters of acrylicacidtwotwo;Diallyl phthalate 97%;Diallyl phthalate Solution, 100ppm;131-17-9;Dially Phthalate;o-Phthalic acid,diallyl ester;Diallyl-o-phthalate;DIALLYL ORTHO-PHTHALATE
CAS No.: 131-17-9 EINECS No.: 205-016-3
MF: C14H14O4 MW: 246.26
Appearance: colorless or light yellow oily liquid Assay(%): ≥99.5
Moisture(%): ≤0.1 Acidity(mgKOH/g): ≤0.1
Boiling point(℃): 157-165 Density(20℃): 1.120±0.003
Viscocity(20οC,Mpa.s): 12-14 Flash point(open cup ℃): 163
Freezing point(℃): -70 Self- ignition(℃): 435
Surface tension(dyn/cm): 39(20℃) Refractive index(25℃): 1.516-1.518
Coefficient of heat expansion(20-40℃): 0.00076/℃ Solubility: Insoluble in water


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DAP has wide application fields. It can be used as crossing agent and plasticizer of unsaturated resin, internal plasticizer of PVC resin, reinforcing agent of fiber reinforced resin, it can self polymerized as plastic strengthen agent, also can be as the auxiliary crossing agent of synthetic rubber.

200kg galvanized and plastic coating drums, or 25kg plastic drums