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Borneol (Synthetic Borneol) | CAS No.507-70-0

Borneol, also named card brain, orange tablet, plum dipterocarp, Mei Bing brain, is the resin of Dipterocarpaceae borneol and volatile oil products obtained by extraction crystallization. It can also be synthesized by chemical method.

Ethyl maltol | CAS No.4940-11-8

Ethyl Maltol is an organic compound, a common flavouring / sweetener and a very pleasant smelling chemical that is used as a flavouring in the food, beverage, tobacco, confectionary and fragrance industry.

Maltol | CAS No.118-71-8

Maltol, the type of aromatic compound, is present in high concentrations in red ginseng. Maltol is an effective antioxidant used to enhance flavor and preserve foods.

Rosalin Crystal | CAS No.90-17-5

Rosalin is a crystalline solid perfume with strong rose aroma, and has broad application value in perfume and daily chemical products. Its chemical name is “trichloromethyl benzyl acetate”

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They are highly professional and work to find the best solutions for their clients

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They are focused, interactive and professional. We find them to be true partners!

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I truly enjoy them as people also, which makes for a strong relationship that I hope will continue to grow.

Mary Hua

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