Glycerol triacetate Use Dosage and medicinal instructions

Glycerol triacetate(Triacetin)

This product is mainly used in the pharmaceutical solvent, plasticizer and moisturizer. This product is also used in food and spice industry, respectively, for the solution and solid fragrance. This product also has antibacterial effect, but also for the local anti-fungal agents.

  • Vitamin A propionate injection Vitamin A propionate 20 ~ 30%, Tween -804 ~ 6%, BHT amount, glycerol triacetate added to 100%, often made of injection that is. This prescription is also applicable to VE acetate, VD, and other hormonal injections.
  • Tablets Outer film coating liquid Acrylic resin I No. 45Oml, triacetin glyceride 187.5ml, talcum powder 375g, titanium white powder 150g, fine powder silica gel 75g, 75ml Tween 80, pigment 0.25 ~ 0.30g, distilled water Add to 1000ml that is. This solution can be coated tablets (0.33g / piece) 13,000. Speed ​​17r / min; hot air temperature 70 ℃.
  • Stable liposoluble vitamin injection of VE acetate, VA propionate, VD2 injection and Tween-80 (5%) were dissolved in glycerol triacetate prepared by 120 ℃ pressure sterilization 1h, Remains clear.
  • Chloramphenicol agent chloramphenicol 20mg, tetracaine 20mg, guauca 2mg, triacetyl glyceride 3.2g dissolved in ethanol 60ml, slowly add HPC2.4g dissolved, add ethanol to the full amount to 80ml. A 10 cm long, 6 cm wide and 0.5 cm cast mold was prepared by using Taffrun, and the above ethanol solution was poured into 20 ml and allowed to stand for about 40 minutes until the ethanol was completely distilled to obtain a film-like preparation.
  • 1 mg of hydroxypropylmethylcellulose o-xylyl phytase, which was dissolved in acetone 2L, and then added ethylcellulose (containing ethoxy 48.51%) of triacetin 70 g , Stirring dissolved. In this solution, add “Xunhuning HCP300g with cyclohexane 4L, continue to stir, and precipitation of microcapsules.
  • (Ethylene content: 12-18%, solid content: 50%) 22 g, 22% polyvinyl alcohol solution 8 g, glycerol triacetate 0.12 & lt; RTI ID = 0.0 & gt; ~ O. 18ml. Often made about 30m2 of the film.

This product and alkali or strong alkaline drug compatibility reaction, the formation of acetate and glycerol.
This product is non-toxic, non-irritating to the skin, generally recognized as safe (FDA, 1985). There is no special provision for daily allowable intake (FAO / WHO, 1975).
This product should be placed in a closed, dark container, stored in the Yin Qiong, dry place. Avoid contact with alkali.

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